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Project Timeline // July 07 - Ongoing

I first spoke with Matt when I was about to take the leap from a well paid and secure job as a joiner and shopfitter to go out on my own as a sole trader.  The range of what Matt offers meant I could rely on him for everything such as branding, website, print and van design, he even came up with my company name!  The professional and streamlined look across everything I had done rivaled, and often bettered, far more established companies in my trade.  It was also a great time and stress saver being able to get all these things done in one place.

Since then my business has grown massively, changing to limited a few years back. Whenever I want to market or advertise my company I go to him and recent projects such as my website and logo being redesigned this year I am very happy with. 

With new projects always on the horizon there is only one place I would go. 

Highly recommended.

Stephen Taylor - Owner of Taylormade Property Developments & Maintenance UK Ltd