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‘Well done ‘Elastic Canvas’ we will not only be using you again, but also recommending you to others without question. ’

‘Elastic Canvas, the company that is run by Matt Tooth surpassed all our expectations at RCSproducts.co.uk when forming a creative ‘BRAND’ for us. This included, amongst other things, creating product name (PURE POWER – Miracle Cleaner & PURE POWER – Clarity) and logo through to redesigning the artwork giving a clear and defined image more inline with the quality of our much loved and innovative eco-friendly products.

The designs and advice he delivered also aided in having the brand identity accepted as a registered trademark with the UK IPO.’

Stephen Brazier, Owner of RSC Products – Pure Power

Pure Power

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product

Visual Identity Creation

Product Name Creation: Pure Power – Miracle Cleaner, Pure Power – Clarity

Trademark passing:

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